Swimming Croc Cufflinks
The Swimming Croc Cufflinks in Sterling Silver are a new addition to the Patrick Mavros Cufflink range. These are the longest and boldest of the cufflinks and are an accurate representation of the mighty leviathans of the Zambezi River. In the ancient civilisations of Zimbabwe, the crocodile and the patterns of its scales were used to symbolise age, wisdom and leadership. http://patrickmavros.wistia.com/medias/xw0j2s952z?embedType=seo&videoFoam=true&videoWidth=770 Continue Reading
In the Spirit of the Glorious Grouse
As we emerge from our dry winter in the Southern Hemisphere when everything is brown and beige, my thoughts drift to the beautiful swathes of purple and lavender that blanket the endless moors across Northern England and Scotland. It reminds me of the enigmatic birds that live on those moors and how much excitement surrounds them. I remember so well the first time I saw a pair of grouse, their necks stretched, staring at me like a pair of periscopes sticking up above the purple sea. &n Continue Reading
Take a Ride on the Wild Side in the Elemobile
Patrick Mavros, London is delighted to be joining the most exciting initiative to occur in London this summer in support of the Elephant Family Foundation. The foundation was set up by the late great adventurer and conservationist, Mark Shand whose desire to save the Indian elephant began in 1988 when he rescued a street-begging elephant, Tara. Together they travelled over 1000 miles across India and this, in turn, led to his now internationally acclaimed best-selling book “Travels to my El Continue Reading
What a Dad!
Greetings from Africa. At this time of the year, we tip our hats to all the GREAT Dads out there, to all those men who have protected, loved and inspired their children, just as our father Patrick has! Dads, we hope that your family recognises all that you have done for them. Alexander and Forbes have recently become fathers themselves, and we as a family respect and acknowledge the importance of parenthood. Happy Father’s Day! With our kind regards, The Mavros Family Continue Reading
USA  Trunk Shows
Greetings from Sunny Africa! We are delighted to invite you to our exclusive trunk shows in New York City & Washington DC this June. Be among the first in the United States to view our recently launched Sea Urchin Collection, designed and crafted in our tropical studio and workshop along with other classic Patrick Mavros Sculpture and Objet d' Art. Kindly RSVP to natasha@patrickmavros.com We hope to see you there! With kind regards, Forbes & Kate Continue Reading