Christmas Safari Tea & Ardmore Exhibition in Harare, Zimbabwe
The Mavros family and Fée Halsted Berning request the pleasure of your company to the Zimbabwe Christmas Safari Tea & an exhibition of the extraordinary works of Ardmore Ceramic Art. Catja's Mpata farm refreshments and home made lemon drink will be served alongside tea, scones and the best chocolate cake south of the Zambezi. Thursday 5th - Saturday 7th December 2013 8am- 5pm Patrick Mavros Mpata Farm, Haslemere Lane, Umwinsidale, Harare RSVP- Tel - Continue Reading
Patrick Mavros Boutique Opens in Kenya
We are proud to have opened a boutique in Kenya! We have always admired the East Africans and marvelled at the beautiful and rich land they live in. We hope to be able to welcome you to our store in Nairobi at The Village Market the next time you step off the savannah! Continue Reading
An Invitation to our Jungle Christmas Party 2013
The Mavros family request the pleasure of your company for their Jungle Christmas Safari. Rain Forest Tea & Catja’s Safari scones & sandwiches, and when the sun slips below the horizon bubbly and Jungle Juice cocktails! Throughout the day our melodious musicians will be playing their finest melodies. There’s nothing like it North of the Zambezi... Special Highlights of the Jungle Christmas Safari Week... Saturday 23rd November Teddy Bears Picnic in the Jungle Tuesday 26th N Continue Reading
Wild zebra joins donkey herd at Mpata Farm
The Donkeys of Mpata Farm are an interesting herd of Jacks, Jennys and foals who quietly come and go between the homestead and the wilderness of the estate. Every morning they form an orderly queue as the security guard opens first one gate, then another, to let them through. And every evening they head back up to the homestead, and form another orderly queue as they wait for the security guard to repeat his gate performance and let them back into the stables. Customers and staff often have to Continue Reading
Moscow exhibition features northern hemisphere animal sculpture
Patrick Mavros hosts a private exhibition in Moscow today to introduce his sculptures and objets d'art in sterling silver and gold. Long sought after as a sculptor of animals like elephants, crocodiles, meerkats, and other species common to the African savannah, Mavros' latest piece features a trio of northern wolves. If you've ever listened to the haunting howl of a wolf in the woods, seeing this piece will evoke that memory. (Contact if you'd like to see a photo Continue Reading