The Animal Botanical Exhibition
To mark Ardmore Ceramics' 30th anniversary, please join us at Patrick Mavros 104 -106 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HS Thursday 14th ~ Sunday 23rd May 2015 10am ~ 7pm RSVP - Ardmore Ceramics, one of South Africa’s great success stories, was founded in the foothills of the Drakensburg Mountains by Fée Halsted. Her first student, Bonnie Ntshalintshali, started learning to sculpt on the Ardmore farm in 1985. Today Ardmore is home to 50 outstanding African art Continue Reading
A Celebration Of Grouse
We are witnessing one of the greatest Grouse eras of all time, and more people than ever have grown to appreciate the glorious Grouse and its habitat. In celebration of this, three friends and passionate sportsmen, Patrick Mavros, Sir Edward Dashwood and Tarquin Millington-Drake, have joined forces to honour this exhilarating and triumphant wild creature with an exhibition entitled 'A Celebration of Grouse.' Tarquin Millington-Drake will be presenting his spectacular and exhilarating Grous Continue Reading
Necklace commission from the ‘Tooth Fairy’
Patrick Mavros loves the challenge of a special commission. His latest customer was one we are all familiar with, yet rarely have the chance to meet, and here is the story! Last week, a little boy in Zimbabwe lost a tooth, and he excitedly wrote a note and hid it with the tooth in his sock drawer. In the morning the poor little chap was devastated to find that the Tooth Fairy had not come! The boy crumpled the note, shoved it back into his sock drawer and went off to school, dejected. T Continue Reading
Patrick Mavros to celebrate 10th Anniversary in London
The Mavros Family requests the pleasure of your company to celebrate our 10th Anniversary in London and the launch of The Sea Urchin Collection. 22 November - 29 November 2014 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM Join us for tropical tea & Catja's island cakes. When the sun slips below the ocean, bubbly and jungle juice will flow. Throughout the day our melodious musicians will be playing their finest tunes. "There's nothing like it North of the Zambezi..." RSVP: TELEP Continue Reading
New from Mauritius
We recently teamed up with Mauritius' one and only sand sculptor, Sanjay Jhowry to sculpt a giant replica of our latest earrings, the Starfish Petite Studs and the Starfish Cowrie Drop Earrings. Our Starfish Petite Stud Earrings have been designed as an everyday essential; they are half the size of our standard Starfish Stud. We found this tiny starfish washed up on our beach and decided to make a mould of it, knowing that it would make a delicate addition to any jewellery chest. The Starf Continue Reading