Ashtrays for Africa
Self-taught artisan and cigar lover Patrick Mavros has turned his stunning, wildlife-themed silver creations into a top luxury brand. Here are some quotes from the article by Andrew Nagy and portraits by Matt Furman. "Seated on the other side of the table, Patrick Mavros exudes an aura of the African savanna, as if he just strode from the golden sands of his native Zimbabwe, straight into the dining room of New York City’s Club Macanudo. He appears to be more of a seasoned big- game h Continue Reading Giraffes and acacia trees have filled our shop windows, bringing an African Christmas to London. If you are in town the Flagship store has never looked more beautiful and we would love to welcome you. This is always our favourite time of the year and our store is a treasure trove of unique and exquisitely made gifts from Africa. We look forward to welcoming you and seeing you feel at home wit Continue Reading
Our new Homestead Gifts catalogue has arrived. We’ve handpicked our favourite pieces, and we invite you to explore an adventurous collection of gifts, rich in stories and meaning, designed for all occasions and personalities. Our Klipspringer Couple are a family favourite. These beautiful African antelopes pair for life and make the most devoted couples in the animal kingdom - even featuring in the Guinness Books of Records. Once paired they never stray more than five metres apart, making o Continue Reading
Swimming Croc Cufflinks
The Swimming Croc Cufflinks in Sterling Silver are a new addition to the Patrick Mavros Cufflink range. These are the longest and boldest of the cufflinks and are an accurate representation of the mighty leviathans of the Zambezi River. In the ancient civilisations of Zimbabwe, the crocodile and the patterns of its scales were used to symbolise age, wisdom and leadership. Continue Reading
In the Spirit of the Glorious Grouse
As we emerge from our dry winter in the Southern Hemisphere when everything is brown and beige, my thoughts drift to the beautiful swathes of purple and lavender that blanket the endless moors across Northern England and Scotland. It reminds me of the enigmatic birds that live on those moors and how much excitement surrounds them. I remember so well the first time I saw a pair of grouse, their necks stretched, staring at me like a pair of periscopes sticking up above the purple sea. &n Continue Reading