Gold Bangles for Men

Gold Bangles for Men

Patrick’s Zim Bangles carry the symbolic patterns found on the ancient stone temples of the kings of Munhumatapa in Zimbabwe.

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Gold bangles handmade for men

It is fitting that these handsome bangles can now be ordered in solid African gold. The famous Elephant Hair bangle by Forbes Mavros is the designer version of the traditional African hunter-warrior’s adornment of prestige and valour.

Patrick designed the limited edition Life Band for the children’s organisation ARK, the pattern representing vials of Rotavirus vaccine. All proceeds from the sale of the Life Band go towards the vaccination of children in Africa.

Men’s hand crafted gold bangles by Patrick Mavros represent the fabled wealth and eternally innovative spirit of Africa. Each of these masculine designs carry the designer’s unique hallmark, and personal inscriptions can be requested.