Sterling Silver Bangles for Men

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Sterling Silver Bangles for Men

“You can’t be in a better place for bangles, than Africa,” says Patrick Mavros. His collection of men’s silver bangle designs are inspired by traditional African symbols of power, wealth and mystique.

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Sterling silver bangles for men

  • Each of the four Zim Bangles bears one of the ritual patterns set into the walls of the ancient stone towers found in Zimbabwe – patterns that tell of the deep connection between the human spirit and the natural world.
  • For centuries, the traditional African Elephant Hair bangle was sought after by warrior-hunters as an emblem of prestige. Now Forbes Mavros has created a sensational silver version, complete with intricate sliding knots.
  • Handmade sterling silver bangles by Patrick Mavros are comfortably oval in shape and each one carries the designer’s unique hallmark. They’re available in three suitable sizes, with a special extra-large size made on request.