Patrick Mavros Boutique Opens in Kenya

Patrick Mavros Boutique Opens in Kenya

We are proud to have opened a boutique in Kenya! We have always admired the East Africans and marvelled at the beautiful and rich land they live in. We hope to be able to welcome you to our store in Nairobi at The Village Market the next time you step off the savannah!

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Sterling Silver Bangles for Men in African patterns

Sterling Silver Bangles in native African patterns Each of the four Zim Bangles bears one of the mystical patterns worked into the masonry of the famous stone ruins found in Zimbabwe - sites such as the Khami Ruins near Bulawayo and the Great Zimbabwe itself. The Chevron silver bangle is symbolic of youth and virility; the Herringbone silver bangle of youth and beauty; the Check silver bangle of male seniority; the Cord silver bangle signifying the wisdom of the mature female...