Product Category: Gift Ideas for Children

Elephant Toto Silver Sculpture

Elephant Toto. I first met Toto in a boma, or stockade, in the Hwange National Park in 1976. As a two year old orphan he was the most confident little creature that I had ever come across. I climbed down into the boma to get closer to this adorable young elephant and when I was within a few feet of him, he screamed and charged into the poles of the boma. Toto was carved in his most impressive stance – with trunk and ears out!

Starfish Studs

The Starfish Studs are a very pretty and versatile pair of earrings that can be worn for most occasions. These little earrings look wonderful, all alone without other jewellery.

The sterling silver handcrafted Starfish Stud earrings measure 1.5cm.

Made in Mauritius.Continue

Multiple Elephant & Chain Silver Bracelet

These designs epitomize Dad’s iconic style of always capturing the whimsical details of each animal. People sometimes ask us to repair elephant bracelets with links totally worn through after many years of fond wearing. Dad has a policy of replacing these pieces free of charge. An elephant never forgets….

Sterling Silver chain with 3 little silver elephants. Length: 18cm.Continue

Hippo Silver Coffee Spoon

No African landscape is complete without the hippo wallowing in the warm shallows of the river by day – the very picture of peace and contentment – and grazing on the plains at night.


ZoZo Silver Dangle Earrings

Wearable ZoZos for those who have fallen in love with the family of round little elephants.

The sweetest dangles ever made are the Zozo earrings a pair of eles dancing off each ear. The Zozo attachment is 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 cm. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver.Continue