Gold Bangles

Gold Elephant Hair Bangle&nbsp&nbsp
Gold Bangle in crocodile skin design by Patrick Mavros Jr.&nbsp&nbsp

Gold Bangles

Every 18 carat gold bangle by Patrick Mavros is lovingly crafted by hand. All gold bangles are made to order.

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Breathtaking Bangles in Warm African Gold

  • The iconic ‘Elephant Hair’ Bangle by Forbes Mavros is a new object of desire adapted from an age-old source: once fashioned of elephant tail hair, now wrought in pure 18 carat gold wire.
  • Patrick Mavros Jr’s astonishing Crocodile Skin designs bring high fashion to the range, with his extraordinary Horn Back Cuff Bangle and elegant Crocskin Cuff, handmade to order in gold.
  • Patrick Mavros puts Africa’s favourite images on a bangle: a procession of elephants, a cuddle of hippos, sunbathing crocodiles, a collection of ndoro shells. Made in gold by arrangement.
Gold bangle in croc skin design by Patrick Mavros
Close-up of Croc Skin Cuff bangle designed by Patrick Mavros Jr.
Gold Bangles for ladies
Gold Bangles, iconic African ‘elephant hair’ design for ladies