Sterling Silver Bracelets for Ladies

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Exotically themed sterling silver bracelets handcrafted by Patrick Mavros.

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Beautiful Bracelets in Gleaming African Silver

Something new out of Africa: Patrick Mavros captures the essence of the wild continent with a collection of silver bracelets where untamed herds of plains game twinkle in miniature upon the wrist of a lady.

Tiny elephants and hippos form smooth links, while traditional African treasures – cowrie shells and ndoro spirals – are fashionably updated for this century, and can now be admired on a dainty silver chain.

Wear all your favourite wildlife at once on a handmade silver Charm bracelet. And shells, starfish, seahorses and pearls together create more charming collections that reflect the magic of Africa’s sunlit oceans.

Silver pendant and chain, plus charm bracelet in silver
Virginia wearing a Running ZoZo Pendant and chain, plus charm bracelet