Patrick Mavros’ Studio in Harare, Zimbabwe

Situated in a stunning location, the Studio is a
glimpse into the work and character of Patrick Mavros.

Patrick Mavros’ Studio – actually more of a gallery – is the centrepiece of his extraordinary lifestyle and the focal point for visitors from all over the world.

Built on the crest of a wild hilltop outside Harare, the ‘Studio’ is an African-style thatched bungalow with heavy teak doors and beams. Enter, and suddenly you feel poised in space – the curved room ends in a sweep of glassed-in terrace giving breathtaking views over the valley below.

Dozens of display cases invite you to browse through a fantastical, gleaming collection of precious things. The items are artfully presented in a natural ‘environment’ of driftwood, seed pods, and other rough textures to offset the lustre of the silver.

The animal sculptures are keenly observed, startlingly realistic and yet each has a little ‘quirk’ – a Mavros characteristic: it could be an expression in the animal’s eye perhaps, a playful stance, or the way an ear is turned to catch the sound of an approaching predator. It seems the pieces might move at any second, yet there they stand – tiny, perfect, and silvered as if by moonlight. It is said that each piece has a story…

You can wear Mavros silver, too. The smooth, chunky adornments are inspired by traditional African artifacts and have resulted in an alluring blend of ancient and pure modern designs.

The view from the Studio at sunset
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Take your favourite fantasy in silver home to live with you… explore the myth and magic and then make your choice. If you cannot visit the Studio in person, then perhaps you may wish to view some of these pieces at the next Mavros exhibition outside Africa.