Bank commissions jewellery designed by Forbes Mavros

Bank commissions jewellery designed by Forbes Mavros

Forbes Mavros and jewellery model at grand opening
Forbes Mavros and jewellery model at MC Bank’s grand opening in Mauritius

When the Mauritius Commercial Bank planned the launch of its Eben Concept Branch, its directors sought to bring a sophisticated drama and elegance to the event. In an effort to bridge business and art, the bank ask me to show monetary materials in a different light, as a form of creative expression. They commissioned me to design an exclusive range of jewellery using coins and credit cards.

Representing Patrick Mavros, I was pleased to collaborate with the bank. It is important for such varied companies to find common ground. Being able to deliver interest through creative dialogue is crucial in business today.

What can you do that sets you apart? I helped the bank find the answer to that question in a unique way.

The launch event happened in March in Eben, also known as Cyber City, the heart of the IT and financial industries of Mauritius. The jewellery was shown by two Mauritian models in a type of stage performance exposé. The audience responded with enthusiasm, as the performance brought a notable flair to the otherwise sedate goings on.

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About Forbes

Forbes Mavros, the second son of Patrick Mavros, is a designer based in Mauritius.

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