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Ladies Vakadzi Collection

We will support the women of our community through the proceeds of this collection by improving St. Joseph’s school in Zimbabwe and keep you updated on the projects to elevate their children’s education.










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"I love this collection because it’s a celebration of women who’ve risen above all the adversities that we’ve faced this year."

- Samu


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About The Collection

In a year unlike any other, we have been deeply inspired by the remarkable fortitude and resilience of the mothers and women of the world. The traditional triangular ndoro symbol celebrates the strong women in our lives and the Patrick Mavros Vakadzi Collection is a tribute to the women we are honoured to work with as part of our larger family. Through our most creative collaboration to date, we have created something that is of its time, relevant, exciting and boldly African.

In bringing this unique collection to life, we have chosen to highlight the real heroes as the basis of this campaign. The beautiful women who make up the fabric of the Patrick Mavros team have been interviewed and photographed in our shops in London, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Mauritius.

Throughout this creative journey, we have been inspired to support the women in our community and, in particular, mothers, and make a positive difference in the lives of these commendable women. Many of the children in our community attend St. Joseph’s School in Harare, Zimbabwe, and through the sales of this collection, we will engage in a series of innovative projects to enhance and elevate the school.

This extraordinary story is told through distinctive pieces of handmade jewellery that include earrings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks produced in recycled Sterling Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold in designs set with Black Onyx or Chrysoprase stones.