Creature Count Competition – Win a Patrick Mavros Piece

Creature Count Competition – Win a Patrick Mavros Piece

We’d love you to our enter our Creature Count Competition and win a Patrick Mavros Sterling Silver Jewellery piece of your choice!

Here’s how to participate:

• Guess how many creatures are on the Patrick Mavros Egg designed for the Big Egg Hunt in London.

• Go to our website, and copy the link of any jewellery item in silver that you would like to win.



• Then go to our facebook page, and paste the link of the item you would like to win, along with your guess as to how many creatures are on the Mavros Egg as a comment on the ‘Creature Count’ post.

There is a prize for one lady & one gentleman…  The winners will be the two people that guess the number of creatures closet to the exact number on the egg.

We hope you get lucky!

Patrick and the family

The Rules…

You are allowed as many entries as you like

Anybody can enter as long as your entry is posted on our facebook Creature Count Competition post

Your prize choice is any Sterling Silver item from the ladies or gentlemens jewellery collections on our website

The Competition closes on the 16th April 2012.



We’ll be in straight in touch with the winners!


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From their studio and home overlooking the Umwimsi Valley in Zimbabwe, the Mavros family produce exquisite silver and gold pieces. Delivering a service that is inspired by their African surroundings, the Mavros name means unquestionable quality.

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