Zambezi croc skin turned to silver

Zambezi croc skin turned to silver

Our family’s annual camp on the Zambezi is always great fun for me, an amateur herpetologist. I share photos below of catching young Nile crocs, and how they inspired me and brother Benjamin to create the croc skin collection (opens in new window).
Patrick Jr. holding Nile crocodile on the Zambezi river
Patrick Jr. having fun on the Zambezi
Though I’m back in Zimbabwe now, I was just in London for the Festive Safari. There was opportunity then to listen to other’s stories about the collection’s stand out piece, the cuff bangle: One lady discovered the small cuff bangle at Harrods and found it mesmerising. While her intention in visiting our Second Floor concession was gift hunting, she made it an impulse present to herself. But for such a piece as this, when would she wear it? The lady settled on wearing it with a sleaveless black evening gown for an upcoming holiday party. Silver with black, striking and unique — unlike anything else at that party, I’m sure.

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In another instance at Fulham Road, a man in the shop seized on the large cuff bangle as soon as he spotted it. He was also gift hunting, and said his wife loved bold jewellery so this would suit her wonderfully. With it’s smoothly polished hornbacks, she might wear the bangle comfortably under a silk blouse. But as for me, I say make a statement and go sleaveless. (And by hornback, I mean the part that is represented in the croc skin earrings in the photo below; a similarly upward-shaped, smoothly-polished part appears on the bangle.) In my audio here, I describe how it feels as best I’m able. But I’m someone who has actually held a small croc in my hands, so I say ‘It feels exactly like crocodile.’ But what would you say? Have you ever felt crocodile skin? What does it feel like?

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