Jewellery Catalogue’s first printing is a family affair

Jewellery Catalogue’s first printing is a family affair

Printed jewellery catalogue for 2011-2012
Our first jewellery catalogue, over 60 pages

For the first time in our history, Patrick Mavros will publish a jewellery catalogue featuring new and classic designs.

With over 60 full-color pages, the catalogue has been a collaborative effort among the Mavros brothers, Alexander, Forbes, Patrick Jr., and Benjamin. Family photos in Africa accompany photos of collections spread across multiple pages. It feels like a luxury magazine to hold it in your hands.

We can’t wait for you to see the beautiful pages, printed with expert care by our friends at Linney, another family business near London. This, like all Mavros creations, is sure to be a collector’s item.

Would you like to receive a catalogue in the post? Please send a note to with your address details.

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From their studio and home overlooking the Umwimsi Valley in Zimbabwe, the Mavros family produce exquisite silver and gold pieces. Delivering a service that is inspired by their African surroundings, the Mavros name means unquestionable quality.

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