Mauritius Collection for Men

Benji & Forbes fly fishing in the morning&nbsp&nbspForbes Mavros catching an evening wave&nbsp&nbsp

Mauritius Collection for Men

Inspired by the island of Mauritius, home to Forbes Mavros, new jewellery designs in silver for men.

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Sterling Silver Jewellery for Men From Mauritius

  • Living in the north east of the island, surrounded by azure waters, majestic banyan groves and tall coconut palms, I became inspired to create the first Patrick Mavros range conceived outside Africa. Every marine creature or shell featured in the collection was discovered, by myself or friends, washed up on the beach as if it were treasure.
  • The collection is modeled on these originals. I have designed the jewellery in the collection as a tribute to the island’s incredible marine diversity and feel that each piece embodies a natural femininity: This Collection presents an ethereal counter point to the bold African designs that remain so recognisably Patrick Mavros.
  • Each piece in this collection is designed and handmade in the Patrick Mavros Mauritius atelier. The unerring pursuit of full in-house creation is a hallmark of the Patrick Mavros name. The creation of this collection has given me such immense satisfaction and I so hope that this jewellery brings the same delight to you.
Baby sea turtle held by Forbes Mavros
Baby sea turtle in Sri Lanka inspired new silver turtle cuff links

Set like a jewel in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an ancient, tropical island surrounded by large lagoons and coral reefs.

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