Moscow exhibition features northern hemisphere animal sculpture

Moscow exhibition features northern hemisphere animal sculpture

Patrick Mavros hosts a private exhibition in Moscow today to introduce his sculptures and objets d’art in sterling silver and gold. Long sought after as a sculptor of animals like elephants, crocodiles, meerkats, and other species common to the African savannah, Mavros’ latest piece features a trio of northern wolves.

If you’ve ever listened to the haunting howl of a wolf in the woods, seeing this piece will evoke that memory. (Contact if you’d like to see a photo of this unique, limited edition piece.)

The wolves, cast in sterling silver, are the latest of a series of pieces featuring animals from the northern hemisphere. Another new, one-of-a-kind sculpture of a northern hemisphere species features a pair of large-antlered stags running across a bouldered mountainside. Wild mountain boars and a pair of polar bears, one standing and another walking, offer more examples of the artist’s recent creations.

The shift in focus naturally follows Mavros’ own travels, where his hands carve what his eyes have recorded. A recent trip to the mountains of Montana in North America, home to thriving wolf packs, preceded this latest trip to Russia. But returning to Russia, to Moscow, brings a unique excitement.

“I’ve visited Russia a handful of times now, and each return visit I have more friends with whom I’m glad to reconnect and share stories over good food and drink.” Mavros said. “I love the Russian spirit and their appreciation for the natural world.”

The private exhibition includes a range of jewellery for men and ladies. Necklaces, bracelets, cuff links and the famous elephant hair bangle design innovated by son Forbes Mavros will be on hand. Favorites from Patrick Mavros’ desktop accessories and table articles, like candelabra and spoons can also be viewed in Moscow by invitation.

Mavros catalogue in Cyrillic

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