Pheasant Pair – Small

These large, long-tailed gamebirds were introduced to Europe and North America from Asia long ago for sport shooting and subsequently ended up contributing to the pot in autumn and winter.

Small Pheasant Standing (Male): Height 12cm

Small Pheasant Sitting (Female): Height 7cm

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Pheasant Pair. No English landscape is quite complete without the beautiful pheasant and the territorial call of the male – a loud ‘kok-kok-kok’. The pheasant pair sculpture depicts the cock bird proclaiming his ownership of the modest hen bird at his side. The showy, colourful males are polygamous and gather a harem of several females. Like most Galliformes, they forage on the ground for shoots, grains and small insects, and roost in the safety of trees at night. Pheasants can fly but only do so when danger is very close, noisily breaking cover and flying up and away at a startling speed.


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