Mauritius atelier to open with shop and design studio

Mauritius atelier to open with shop and design studio

In December 2011 the Mavros family will open the Patrick Mavros Atelier in Mauritius.

Forbes’ desk showing designs of new Atelier under construction

The concept store will be more than a showcase for Patrick Mavros creations. Our customers interested in the creative process will be sincerely welcomed to tour the design studio and workshop. Visitors will experience the amazing alchemy of passion and creativity behind the work of Patrick Mavros.

Aesthetically, The Patrick Mavros Mauritius Atelier remains loyal to our iconic London Flagship store and Zimbabwe Studio. However, with the creation of the Mauritius store, it has been impossible not to acknowledge this inspirational island environment.

The store, still under construction and directed by Forbes Mavros, will embody the eclectic fabric of this unique island nation.

From finely wrought gates to fabulous ceramic chandeliers, tribute is paid to the many rare and endemic creatures of the island. Swahili tiles and Shona furniture express an ancient connection to our mother continent. Wooden beams and cabinets lit by 1930’s workshop lamps reflect the French heritage in Mauritius.

From the inception of our involvement in Mauritius, our vision has been long-term. In embracing our new island home, a new and important part of the Patrick Mavros story is being written.

To learn how and when you might visit our Mauritius Atelier, please visit our locations page for contact details.

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About Forbes

Forbes Mavros, the second son of Patrick Mavros, is a designer based in Mauritius.

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