Necklace commission from the ‘Tooth Fairy’

Patrick Mavros loves the challenge of a special commission. His latest customer was one we are all familiar with, yet rarely have the chance to meet, and here is the story!

Last week, a little boy in Zimbabwe lost a tooth, and he excitedly wrote a note and hid it with the tooth in his sock drawer. In the morning the poor little chap was devastated to find that the Tooth Fairy had not come!

The boy crumpled the note, shoved it back into his sock drawer and went off to school, dejected.

The Tooth Fairy (who had been a bit delayed, as sometimes happens) retrieved the note soon after, and we have attached it for you to read.

“A” stands for a pretty little girl who is in the next door classroom. The little boy has been her adoring follower forever. She does not know he exists because he runs away any time she comes near him.

And so, wanting to make his dreams come true, the Tooth Fairy called Patrick, who was soon hard at work on his tiny commission. Later that night, the Tooth Fairy delivered a beautifully carved silver “A” on a chain…

The little boy woke up at 5:30 am the next morning to check his sock drawer again. He was absolutely ecstatic to find “a really real necklace with the letter ‘A’ on it!”

When his mum asked him why the Tooth Fairy had brought him a girl’s necklace, and why she had spelled his initial incorrectly he answered,

“Mum, you wouldn’t understand. It’s a deal between me and the Tooth Fairy!”

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