Video tour of London silversmith luxury house

Video tour of London silversmith luxury house

Patrick Mavros flagship store on Fulham Road in LondonDavid Christopher Lee, founder of a website that features the ultimate in design, fashion, and travel, visited our Fulham Road flagship store in London. His conversation with Alexander Mavros began with the story of how father Patrick Mavros created the first carved animal sculpture. Lying in a hospital bed, Patrick carved earrings for his bride-to-be Catja.

From those early beginnings in 1978, the Patrick Mavros line of fine silver jewellery has earned fans the world over, growing to include sculptures large and small. New designs go beyond sterling silver to 18 carat gold. Come look inside our London store in this feature interview produced by Lee’s

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About Patrick Mavros Ltd.

From their studio and home overlooking the Umwimsi Valley in Zimbabwe, the Mavros family produce exquisite silver and gold pieces. Delivering a service that is inspired by their African surroundings, the Mavros name means unquestionable quality.

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