Wild zebra joins donkey herd at Mpata Farm

Wild zebra joins donkey herd at Mpata Farm

The Donkeys of Mpata Farm are an interesting herd of Jacks, Jennys and foals who quietly come and go between the homestead and the wilderness of the estate. Every morning they form an orderly queue as the security guard opens first one gate, then another, to let them through. And every evening they head back up to the homestead, and form another orderly queue as they wait for the security guard to repeat his gate performance and let them back into the stables. Customers and staff often have to stop their cars to allow the donkeys to cross the road, and the Donkey Procession has become something of an institution at the Studio.

On Boxing Day, The Donkeys set off for their habitual morning foray and nothing more was seen of them, until their afternoon shadows began to appear at the gates. They reached the first gate and lined up in an orderly fashion. As usual, the security guard, barely lifting his head, pressed the button, and the Donkey Procession made its ponderous way through the gate. One, two, three, four…every day for the past 5 years, the same steps on the same path, through the same gate…the security guard was getting ready to press the button for the second gate when he suddenly noticed a very odd donkey indeed! The last little donkey waiting his turn in the line was…a zebra!

And that is the story of Boxer, the little wild Zebra who joined us on Boxing Day. The Donkeys have just carried on with their daily procession as if nothing extraordinary has happened at all. But we think it’s extraordinary. After all, it’s not every day that you have to give way to a real live Zebra crossing!

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