Gold Bangles

Gold Elephant Hair Bangle&nbsp&nbspGold Bangle in crocodile skin design by Patrick Mavros Jr.&nbsp&nbsp

Gold Bangles

Every 18 carat gold bangle by Patrick Mavros is lovingly crafted by hand. All gold bangles are made to order. Browse gold bangles >>

Breathtaking Bangles in Warm African Gold

The iconic ‘Elephant Hair’ Bangle by Forbes Mavros is a new object of desire adapted from an age-old source: once fashioned of elephant tail hair, now wrought in pure 18 carat gold wire.
Patrick Mavros Jr’s astonishing Crocodile Skin designs bring high fashion to the range, with his extraordinary Horn Back Cuff Bangle and elegant Crocskin Cuff, handmade to order in gold.
Patrick Mavros puts Africa’s favourite images on a bangle: a procession of elephants, a cuddle of hippos, sunbathing crocodiles, a collection of ndoro shells. Made in gold by arrangement.
Gold bangle in croc skin design by Patrick Mavros
Close-up of Croc Skin Cuff bangle designed by Patrick Mavros Jr.
Gold Bangles for ladies
Gold Bangles, iconic African ‘elephant hair’ design for ladies