Necklaces, Pendants, and Chokers

Necklaces, Pendants and Chokers

A Patrick Mavros necklace or pendant represents a little piece of Africa’s wild beauty. Each piece has been designed by one of the family and each one is lovingly made by hand in sterling silver or in gold.

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Necklaces, pendants, and chokers for the lady

The sculptural pendants by Patrick Mavros are designed to stay close to your heart. Each is accompanied by a quality silver chain and features familiar favourites such as crocodile, hippo, elephant, monkey or pangolin, and the less familiar ‘African money shell’, the ndoro.

Handmade, easy-to-wear chains are studded with multiple charms, and necklaces from the sparkling, Indian ocean-inspired Mauritius collection by Forbes Mavros are timeless, romantic, light-filled pieces with the dramatic Lafayette necklace at the top of the range.

A Patrick Mavros necklace always has a distinctive design element, whether it’s playful or intriguing, or refined or bold. Each necklace is handmade in sterling silver, and can be ordered in gold, which makes it easy to delight a loved one with the perfect gift for any occasion.

Patrick Mavros designer sterling silver necklaces and pendants are made to order in any length of chain and design of pendant. It is our pleasure to create a unique pendant and chain for you. Contact us to inquire about a special design just for you.