Earrings for Ladies

Ladies Earrings

Eye-catching and distinctive, the range of handmade silver and gold earrings by the house of Patrick Mavros is an essential reminder of Africa’s timeless inspiration, updated with a twist of pure originality. Browse earrings >>

Earrings for ladies

Each pair of earrings has been created by one of the family artists: Patrick’s exquisite African animals or artifacts such as the mystical hakatas; Patrick Junior’s Crocodile Skin dangles or Forbes’ romantic, Indian Ocean-inspired designs, dancing with sunlight and rich with pearls.
There is a touch of surprise in every pair of Patrick Mavros earrings: hippos basking half-out of the water, an elephant approaching while the other departs, seahorses rising from a cluster of seed pearls like bubbles, or a line of reptilian scales suggesting a semi-submerged crocodile.
Mavros jewellery is lovingly crafted by hand in the Zimbabwe and Mauritius studios. Earrings can be ordered in hallmarked sterling silver or warm African gold according to the customer’s choice, and are presented with the traditional post-and-butterfly for pierced ears.

African safari silver earrings, bracelet, and necklace
African safari silver earrings, bracelet, and necklace you can wear on the town