Love is In the air

Our homage to everyone whose

weddings are postponed

Klipspringer Couple Silver Sculpture on base MediumKlipspringer Couple Silver Sculpture on base Medium

The Klipspringer Couple

Klipspringers pair for life and are named the most devoted couple in the animal kingdom in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Once they mate, the klipspringer pair does not stray more than five metres apart from one another.

Klipspringer translated is 'rock jumper' and the ballerina toes of these little beauties allow them to spring gracefully among the kopjes of Africa. 

Watch Patrick tell us about 

these graceful antelope

Klipspringer Couple Silver Coffee Spoons in Presentation BoxKlipspringer Couple Silver Coffee Spoons in Presentation Box

The Klipspringer 

Coffee Spoons

The Root Tree and Klipspringer Candlestick was one of Patrick's original pieces and tells a romantic story of love represented by this endearing pair of Africa's prettiest antelope. 

The Klipspringer Couple Cocktail 

Spoons are a timeless wedding or 

anniversary gift. 

Root Tree & Klipspringer 

Candle Holder

Klipspringer Female Sitting Place Card HolderKlipspringer Female Sitting Place Card Holder
Klipspringer Male Standing Place Card HolderKlipspringer Male Standing Place Card Holder

The Klipspringer

Place Card Holders

sea turtle swimming in the ocean.