Bush babies bounce around Mpata farm

Bush babies bounce around Mpata farm

We’ve shared photos of these guys before, but you’ve got to watch a video to appreciate their little size and mighty bounce. Their legs are extraordinarily powerful. These agile tree gum sucking, insect eating apes jump about branches with incredible five to six meter leaps.

Known as night-apes, lesser bush babies, or galagoes, I prefer the affectionate term ‘pookies’ for these small furry nocturnal primates with lovely big ears and ruby red eyes. Our two little pookie brothers could each fit into an espresso cup when they were first born. Here’s how they came to live with us:

Next to the studio in amongst a group of mahobohobo trees is an old fuel shed, with a tin roof. This was the site where a pair of pookies built their leafy nest and gave birth to the twins.

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Within days tragedy struck. The entire nest collapsed and the babies fell fourteen feet to the floor of the shed. Their desperate chittiring brought a night watchman to their rescue and within minutes the tiny pookies were brought to the house where they were warmed up and fed with milk from a syringe.

If a baby pookie is touched by a human and returned to the nest the mother will reject it. So the Mavros family had no choice but to adopt these two little waifs. That happened in 2006 and they are alive and well today at our Mpata Farm.

Have you ever held a bush baby? Do you have an animal rescue story to share like this one?

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