Mauritius-inspired jewellery debuts in London

Mauritius-inspired jewellery debuts in London

Jewellery designers Forbes & Patrick Mavros
Forbes & Patrick Mavros at the launch party for the New Mauritius Collection in London on 5 July 2011

Forbes Mavros hosted the launch party of his new Mauritius Collection at the Patrick Mavros flagship store in London.

Forbes opened a Patrick Mavros workshop in Mauritius five years ago and – inspired by the unique beauty of the island, its beaches and marine life – he began to design the classic pieces that culminated in this collection. It was the first opportunity for many in London to view what has been keeping the second Mavros son so busy in Mauritius!

Nearly 200 people attended the viewing. The Mauritian flavour of the launch evening was spiced up by rum cocktails sponsored by Mauritian distillery Chamarelle.  The Chamarelle Company distills this delicious drink from sugar cane cut from the lush cane fields that carpet the island’s interior.

Downstairs in the store, another tropical treat greeted guests. Catja Mavros, in her inimitable style, had arranged a spectacular ice cream bar, serving a range of ice creams and cones, loaded with strawberries, chocolate flakes and tiny marshmallows – a perfect summertime indulgence for all.

Forbes’ debut collection marks a new tone in the Patrick Mavros name. These pieces show an expression of a well received, delicate and feminine design style.

Watch this behind the scenes video of the collection in Mauritius.

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