Handmade Sterling Silver & Gold Cufflinks

These cufflinks are the first choice for a man with style. African animals, birds and artifacts are fashioned into intricate, unique designs – some are quirky, some are classic, but every pair has a personality of its own.

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Cufflinks designed for the individual

Patrick Mavros cufflinks make a statement on any occasion, whether worn at a party or in the boardroom. Every pair carries the Mavros hallmark, which means more than the proof of solid African silver: it’s the mark of an individual who makes his own rules and carries his own style with confidence.

Each set of Mavros cufflinks is a superbly crafted pair of gleaming miniature sculptures, solidly coupled with hassle-free fastenings. As a personal luxury or as an inspired gift for any special event, they are truly a pleasure to give or receive.

Select your favourites from among designs that are uniquely Patrick Mavros: the totemic Pangolins, the whimsical Fiddling Monkeys or the challenging sweep of African buffalo horns. Then, enjoy the attention…

Taking a break on safari
A respite on African safari atop the Mavmobile