Bracelets for Ladies

Ladies Bracelets

Every bracelet by Patrick Mavros is lovingly crafted by hand in sterling silver or 18ct gold. It’s a reminder of Africa’s magic, a hallmarked, original artwork in itself, and a pleasure to enjoy and wear every day. Browse bracelets >>

Breathtaking Bracelets in Hallmarked Sterling Silver & 18ct Gold

Is the bracelet a sculpture, or the sculpture a bracelet? Patrick Mavros creates bracelets out of a procession of elephants, a cuddle of hippos, lazy sunbathing crocodiles, or a collection of magical ndoro shells. Slim silver circlets carry a pair of little animal sculptures designed to sit delicately on the wrist.
Forbes Mavros’ iconic Elephant Hair Bangle is a new object of desire adapted from an age-old source; the silver wire is coiled and knotted according to an ancient pattern which embodies the courage and majesty of the African elephant. The ladies’ version is available in light or medium gauge silver wire.
Patrick Junior’s astonishing Crocodile Skin designs bring high fashion to the range, with his extraordinary Horn Back Cuff Bangle and elegant Crocskin Cuff in shining silver. Often worn with earrings or pendants in the same theme, a Mavros bangle is a highly desirable gift to be treasured for a lifetime.